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Why am I getting 'address only' Valuation leads?

The valuation tool is designed to capture a new lead as soon as an address is entered. This ensures your team will receive a partial registration and their home address even if the lead leaves the site before entering their contact information. 

Here's how we recommend working address only leads:

Step 1: Check address in database to see if it's in your farm or sphere.  Also check your MLS and Google to see if it's an expired listing or FSBO.


Step 2: If contact info not found in step one, look up owner information using Brivity's Reverse Search Look Up Tool, local assessors, or mojo lead store.


 Step 3: Use Ben Kinney's Valuations "Apology Script" and set a listing presentation appointment

Valuation Address-only lead script:

Print up a CMA report using Brivity CMA's. 

Stop by the address and knock on the door.

"Hello [name]!

"I am so happy you answered. I was calling to apologize because I just was notified that someone had requested information on the value of their home for (insert address) and for whatever reason, the website failed or you didn't leave the correct contact information. So I l thought I'd swing by so that you didn't think we dropped the ball.

"Most people request information from our home value tool because they are either considering selling their home in the future or thinking about refinancing? Which one are you?"

Try to get in and do a listing presentation or schedule an appointment.



Ben Kinney's Valuations "Apology Script"

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