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I can sell my home myself (FSBO)

They say… I have two friends who sold their home as FSBOs very quickly at top dollar. Why not save the money and sell it myself? You say…

Some people are lucky to sell their home on their own, and I don’t know when they sold it or what kind of market they are/were, in but let me give you the statistics.

The National Association of Realtors says that of the people who have tried to sell their home on their own, 86% of them will eventually had to list with a realtor like me. This means only 14% of them were able to sell their homes successfully by themselves. Of that 14%, 50% of those people sold their homes to someone they already knew.

Of the remaining 7% who successfully sold their home to someone they didn’t know, they ended up selling their home for 10-12% less than what their home was worth, and if it were marketed by a professional like me.

So, if you’re paying about 6% to get your property listed and sold, you’re essentially making 4-6% on your home when listing with me.

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