What is the Difference Between Advertising and Marketing?

In Brivity, we make a distinction between the Advertising and Marketing functions.



Advertising exists primarily for your client's benefit. It is a way to showcase the platforms on which you have featured their listing; be it a result of your MLS syndicating with partner sites and pushing the ad out, or through your own efforts. In the case of Advertising, Brivity is not generating content for you - we are simply linking content on the web to your account so your clients are able to see the effort your've made. 




Marketing, on the other hand, refers exclusively to sharing your listings on social media. In this case, Brivity is generating content for you - we'll automatically create a post based upon your listing's details and property page, then tailor it to suit each social media platform's specifications. The marketing feature in Brivity allows you to quickly post your listing to the most popular social platforms, while simultaneously alerting your clients in regards to new posts that are shared.