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Website Image and Video Size Guide

For your images on your website to look the best and load easy here are some size suggestions.

1. Dimensions

  • For images that are full width (such the banner images at the top of each page) - min suggested width is 1600px - height is less important to get exact, but at the width of 1600px, generally the height will be around 1060px
  • For images half or less of the webpage, 800px wide is acceptable.

2. Resolution

  • 72ppi is the industry standard for images on the web.

    For videos:

    • Upload your video to vimeo for best results, and provide us the url
    • You can adjust setting to make the video private, but make sure it's allowed to be embedded anywhere
    • The best aspect ratio for the video is 16:9
    • Use a high quality file, as vimeo will compress the file for you
    • Avoid watermarks on videos