Warning: Mass Holiday/Newsletter/Other Emails

How many emails do you get from real estate agents for Spring Forward, Fall Back, Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays, etc? Do you enjoy receiving all those emails? Not likely, but it's still a good way to stay in front of people. Mass marketing emails are things people are more likely to opt-out of be done out of a different system.

Ben Kinney recommends AGAINST using Brivity to send mass marketing emails because of the higher unsubscribe ratio of those kinds of emails.  Instead, we suggest using a mass email service such as MailChimpConstant Contact, or GMass.

Consider communication where you talk “at” a bunch of people at once instead of talking “to” someone. A prime example of talking “at” is “Spring your clocks forward!” That kind of email is likely going to result in more than a few unsubscribes. Also, monthly newsletters always talk “at” a group of people.

Auto campaigns or mass email in Brivity are designed to allow you to talk “to” someone using placeholder fields to auto-fill in a name or phone number to sound like you’re talking to someone. That way you can send a mass email to all unresponsive leads from the last 90 days and say, "Hi [name], are you still looking to buy or sell this year? By the way, is [mobile_number] the best way to reach you?"

Brivity is perfectly designed for communicating with your leads via auto-campaigns like an 8x8 or 33 touch. Use Brivity when you want to talk "to" your database, and use a different system when you want to talk "at" your database.