Using Brivity CRM with a Lender

Using lenders in Brivity may or may not have two different facets. One, you may want to know best practices in using them in your CRM; and two, you may want to split costs of your Brivity Platform with them. For splitting costs, please contact our support department at 855-427-4848.

Best Practices in using a Lender in your Brivity CRM

When adding lenders to your CRM first you need to choose an access level for them. There are two access levels in Brivity: Admin access and Agent access. Every team is different, so we'll go over both scenarios so you can make the choice that's best for you. 

Agent Access

This is the most popular access level to give lenders. In this case, a lender will only be able to see contacts to whom you give them access. However, you cannot auto-distribute leads to lenders in Brivity; you will need to manually set their access to contacts. 

Admin Access

If you give a lender Admin Access, they will be able to see all contacts in your database automatically. However, you'll want to be careful with this access, as Admin Access can also export files of contacts from Brivity. 

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