Add CTA URLs for Postcard Campaigns

Edit the call to action URL on any postcard campaign.

When you set up a post card, you can set a link to be the "call to action" (or CTA) for the campaign. Recipients will get a short-code url version of it, and they can type it into any browser. An example would be, using a listing property page url from your Brivity website. 

You'll see the preview of how the link will work on the postcard, with the example URL The actual link URL is dynamically created when the campaign is finalized.

Step 1: From your Brivity Marketer Postcards area choose the campaign you want to edit.

Click on the picture to open the campaign settings (or the 3 dots ... in the upper right).

Step 2: Click Edit in the upper right.

Step 3: Find and click the Edit pencil to the right of the address. 

Edit pencil-1

Step 4: Click to open Custom CTA 


Step 5: Use the Customize call to action URL and desired the URL. 

Custom URL

Be sure to Save!

Every url will be converted to a tiny url. Every tiny url is different for every postcard sent and tracked for activity if someone goes to the link. Then you'll get an address-only lead in your CRM.