Advertising Action Plans

Advertising Action Plans

When it comes to showcasing your hard work to your clients, Brivity has you covered! When you add a new listing to your MLS - that listing gets fed into National portals for your Advertising. We’ll show you how to find your listings on national sites and showcase your advertising efforts to your Sellers. They’ll know the power of your brand when they see their home blasted on all sites, even your competitors!

Using an existing action plan

 Let's review the Action Plan you have in your account already, and use it for this example. Go to the upper-right corner of your Brivity account and select Settings and click on the tab for Action Plans.

 At the bottom, find the Advertising Action Plan section. Ben Kinney has given you his plan already named Ben Kinney’s Residential Advertising Plan. Click on that plan to see the National and Local Sites to which Ben's listings normally syndicate. We call these Advertisers.

 Review this list. Add any sites to which your MLS/Broker sends listing data feed by clicking Add an Advertiser and simply typing the site name along with the ".com" at the end. For example, its best to use, not just Zillow. Save and Close

 To remove a website, click the [x] on the far right. To Add a site click Add an Advertiser and type the website.

Once done, this same Action Plan should work for all of your future residential listings.

Pro Tip: For best results, the site should be in the form of "" adding ".com" on the end.

Apply an Advertising Action Plan to your Transaction

 Using the area for Transactions on the left sidebar, find the Transaction to which you want to apply an Advertising Action Plan. 

 In the upper right of the transaction details page, click on Apply a Plan and select the Advertising Action Plan you would like to apply.

 In the center of the Transaction Details Page, find and click on the Advertising tab to open a list of websites/advertisers with Search Ad for Google by each site.

 A new window will open a Google search page. The top search result should be your listing on that Advertising site. Select the link from the Google search, copy the URL.

  In Brivity, find the edit pencilto the far right of the Advertiser you're editing. Paste the URL, and check Mark as Complete to Send to Client and click Save

 From there simply move on to the next advertiser on the list and repeat the process.

*Note: If a website can not be found fitting your property then a message will appear. This simply means that your MLS has not linked the website through syndication and therefore it can not be found on google. If this happens close the window, go back to Brivity and move to the next national portal site on your list.