Sync KW Command with Brivity CRM

Wouldn't it be grand if all your contacts in Brivity could be constantly synced with your KW Command account? This is a thing! Sync all your contacts with PieSync- easy as pie.

Brivity Contacts can sync with your KW Command account! It will sync contact information like email and phone numbers, tags, contact fields, and description. 

*Transactions will not currently sync. 

To get started, you will need 3 things:

  1. A Brivity CRM Account
  2. A KW Command Account
  3. A Account  (see cost here)

*For best results, disable Lead Notifications in Brivity while you are conducting a contact sync (In Brivity, click your Orange Name Button > Account > Personal):

Please be logged into all of those accounts in a single browser.

Follow the below steps. 

Step 1: PieSync permissions need to be enabled by an Admin-access user of Brivity. Here's how and why.

Step 2: Open your PieSync account and select [+] New Connection

New Connection

Step 3: Search for Brivity and select it


Step 4: Search for KWCommand and select it


Step 5: Authorize both accounts (you will need a username and password for both)


Step 6: Select the sync settings. We suggest the below basic settings for every connection. 

*If an agent is not selected as the Primary Agent in both the Command rule and the Brivity rule, all contacts will assign to the Account Owner in Brivity.

Settings (1)

Step 7: Choose which fields you want to continuously sync between Brivity & KWCommand.

Most people allow all fields to map over, but you can turn any off as you wish. 

Field Mapping.

Step 8: When you're ready, click Start Syncing Now at the bottom right. 


That's it! You can watch on the final page as contacts sync between systems!