Status Definitions

Status helps identify how soon someone wants to move. It allows you to prioritize your leads by their urgency; keeping your pipeline flowing!

"If I were to find you the perfect home today, are you ready to buy it now?"

Use Brivity to segment your contacts into manageable groups. Find our printable Contact Management Cheatsheet here. 


New: A person you have not attempted to contact yet.

Unqualified: Attempted to contact the lead, but have not been able to reach them yet, therefore, their urgency has not yet been qualified.

Hot: Intends to move in 1-3 months.

Nurture: Intends to move in 3-12 months.

Watch: Intends to move more than a year out.

Pending: Any clients you have that are currently under contract.

Past Client: Previous clients!

The below statuses will hide people from your list views unless you've filtered to find them.

 A person no longer actively searching for homes. Perhaps they've become unresponsive, experienced a job loss, or had a family emergency.

While this status will remove them from your leads list for regular follow ups, an Auto Plan could still be dripping messages to them or reminding you to follow up.

Archived: A person you no longer wish/need to contact. Could be on a DNC (Do Not Call) list.

Trash: A bad lead with no good contact information (bad phone/ bad email). Nothing could possibly convert this lead.

*Note: All Action Plans/Auto Plans automatically stop for people in Archived and Trash status. No mass emails will be sent to these contacts.



Active Clients and Past Clients automatically fall under the Clients section of the People index. A contact will end up in the Client folder because they are either applied to an active transaction, or because they have the status of Past Client.


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