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Showing Feedback, Notes, & Documents

Easily share important information with your clients, keeping them up to date. Record important information in Brivity to seamlessly keep your team in the loop and everything documented correctly down the road.



1. Showing Feedback

From the left navigation bar select Transactions to view the transactions indexes or search by the property address in the quick search bar at the top of Brivity.  Once you have located the property you wish to update locate the transaction workflow navigation and select showing feedback.

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To Add New Showing Feedback

Click Create New Showing Feedback to open the showing feedback modal.  Select the showing type, interest level expressed by viewer, whether or not you want it visible to viewers or hidden from viewers and who it was shown by and feedback details.  Click Save and Send to finish and close the modal.  If the feedback was made visible, it will be sent to your clients in their email update, added to the timeline and will show in client portal under showing feedback.   


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To Edit Existing Showing Feedback

Click the edit icon to open the edit modal next to the feedback you wish to update.  Make your modifications and click Save & Send to finish and close the modal.  


To Delete Existing Showing Feedback

Click the X delete icon next to the feedback you wish to delete. Confirm your decision in the modal that pops up and your feedback will be removed.  

*Note: If you remove feedback before the end of the day, on the day it was added, it will not be sent to your client in the email update.


To View Details on Showing Feedback

Click on the preview of data in the feedback column.  This will open a modal that displays the rating and the entire feedback as your client would see it when they log in.

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2. Utilizing Notes

From the Transaction Workflow Navigation select Notes. Select Create New Note.  Select the visibility of the note from the drop down menu and fill out the Note Details in the space provided.  A note made visible to viewers will be added to the client email update and timeline as well as to the client portal under "notes."  Notes that are hidden from viewers will only be seen by team members on the transaction.  Select Save to add the note to the transaction.

Notes are a great way to keep everyone in the loop on a transaction. Use notes to leave feedback after a client check-in phone call, a detailed account of special showing instructions or vacation times, record lock box numbers,  or document any notes made from other agents, price reduction conversations, or leave a detailed account of any upcoming work on the home.

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3. Document Sharing

On the transaction workflow navigation, select Documents.  Click the Upload Document button to begin uploading a document.  We support files up to 15MB with the following extensions: .csv  .pdf  .jpg  .png  .gif  .docx and .xlsx.  When you upload a document you’ll see the name and the extension of the file on the Documents tab.

You can preview a file by clicking the file-type icon, or download it by clicking the download icon in the top right-hand corner, you can remove a document by clicking the X.

*Note: All documents uploaded to Brivity will be shared with anyone who has access to the transaction; team members, clients and collaborators.  When a document is uploaded it will be listed on the timeline as well as shared with the client through their daily update email.