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Setup Calling & Texting - Brivity Platform

Brivity now allows you to call and text message directly from your CRM! First, you'll need to set a number up for each of your users.

*Note: Phone functions are only available in Brivity Platform accounts. 


What is and Why Have a Brivity Number





Step 1: Click on your name in the upper-right and select Account, and then Phone SettingsClick here to be taken directly there


Step 2: Select each agent's routing phone number from the drop-down. Normally this would be the mobile phone number for agents and admin would select their office phone number. *Just keep in mind that Brivity will route calls this number. 


Step 3: Add a Brivity number for each user

Brivity number

Step 4: A modal will open. First choose a country, add a requested area code, and click SEARCH. Several numbers will populate for you to select from. Save when you have made your selection.

Choose a number
Yippee! Your first Brivity number is set!
Continue adding numbers for your team. Your users will instantly be able to click to call from any contact record.

To make a call, find a contact and click on the green phone icon:


To text message, find a contact and click on the SMS icon: