Set Up Listing Alerts

Your Brivity Platform becomes much more powerful as it automatically engages prospects to keep coming back to your site, helping to build a relationship with you and your team before you've even met!

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Setting up Listing Alerts is one way to draw prospective Buyers back to your site by alerting them of new properties that fit their search parameters as they hit the market.




 To set up a Listing Alert, open up that person's record and click on the Listing Alerts tab.



 Click Create New Listing Alert.



 In the pop-up, add the Buyer's search criteria, and click Save.

*Note: You can click the button that says Click to see number of matching listing results at the bottom to see how many listings come up with that search criteria.



You have now created a listing alert that will be sent out to that lead via email, like the one below:



*Note: If there are no listings that fit that criteria, your lead will not receive an immediate email.