Set Up Auto Plans for People

Auto Plans are one of the 5 pillars of success in Brivity Platform. You can automate emails, text messages, and tasks overtime to manage the life of your contact database- not just when new leads hit your account.

Here's a quick tutorial on how it to set up your first Auto Plan.




Add a Plan

Step 1: Find Auto Plans in your Settings or by clicking HERE

*Auto Plans can only be created by Admin Access Accounts. Click Add Plan.

Add Plan

Step 2: Name the Plan and click Next.


Step 3: Start building out the plan steps by adding a TaskEmail, Or Text (SMS).

Action Options

Step 4: Here are the options if you choose to add a Text- which is very similar to the tasks and email options.


Continue setting up steps. As you add steps, they will be added to Triggers in the "After" dropdown for the plan, allowing you to select if any subsequent action of the plan will happen after that step or after the initial Trigger. 

To see Auto Plans in a contact record CLICK HERE. To manually apply an Auto Plan to a contact CLICK HERE.