Dave Ramsey ELP Lead Capture

Send Dave Ramsey ELP Leads to Brivity in a couple of easy steps. You'll need to be logged into Brivity and Dave Ramsey ELP systems to complete the following steps. 


Step 1: First, you'll need your Brivity Lead Capture Email. Click on your name in the upper right of Brivity and go to Account, then click on Lead Parsing.

*All of these emails will capture leads from lead notification emails. Copy the email for the user you want to send leads to or use the account email for lead distribution.

Lead Parsing

Step 2: Navigate to the Account settings page. Click here for quick access. 

Step 3: Scroll down to the Third Party CRM Information area. Select FollowUp Boss Copy/paste your Brivity Parsing email address. 

mceclip0 (7)

Step 4: Don't forget to Save at the bottom. 

Step 5: Create an Excel or Google spreadsheet. In Cell A1 put "source" and in Cell A2 put "ELP". Save that sheet as a .CSV file.

Step 6: Import that sheet into Brivity to add the custom source of ELP to the CRM (https://www.brivity.com/imports)