Reporting - Overview of the Agent Report

Brivity offers Agent Reports for at-a-glance views of KPIs (key performance indicators) of your real estate business and your team's accountability. This feature can be accessed by Account Owners and Admins.


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Look to the left of your account to find and select Reporting.


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You'll see Agent Reporting first, but you can click to view Lead Source and Tasks reports, too.


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Choose between "All leads" assigned to a given user or "Newly assigned leads (in date range)", and select the date range of reporting or set a custom range of dates. 

This report is meant to track accountability for lead follow up in a given period, including emails, calls, contacted (while calling), and texts to leads, with a percentage completion of assigned leads and a team average.

For example, you can see how many leads were assigned to a user in that period, as well as the following:

Emailed: how many of the assigned leads were emailed, and a percentage of the total (so if 4 leads were assigned to an agent in the last week and they emailed 2 of them, it would say "50% of assigned leads").

Called: how many of the assigned leads were called.

Contacted: of the assigned leads that were called, how many of them were contacted (based on the call outcome of "Talked to Contact").

Texted: how many of the assigned leads were texted.

Note that as this report for lead follow up, it shows the number of leads interacted with via a specific interaction type, rather than total number of interactions (so if 4 leads were assigned to an agent in the last week and they called 1 of them 7 times, it would still only count as 1 of the 4 leads called, rather than showing 7 calls).



In this window, your leads DO NOT include archived, trashed, or partial leads unless you select to include those types of leads. 


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