Receiving SPAM Calls/Texts on Brivity Number

It's possible you may end up receiving SPAM calls/text messages to your Brivity phone number. Actually, it's possible you may end up receiving SPAM calls/text messages on any phone number.

On average, 4.5 billion unwanted spam calls/texts are sent each year to numbers either found by "spiders" or "crawlers" online or by just sending messages to random numbers. I hate to tell you this, but those numbers are even on the rise. 

What are SPAM text messages? 

Spam text messages are unwanted and unsolicited messages sent generally with a commercial message. The message may include links to new cars, or new shoes, or maybe even just be text referencing some brand names of household items to buy. These texts are generally sent to hundreds or even thousands of phone numbers at a time by an automated bot. 

Are these SPAM calls/texts messages legal?

If you have received an unsolicited commercial text, it's likely it is illegal. It is illegal to send unsolicited commercial messages to wireless devices unless the sender has permission. FCC law regarding spam texts.

There are two exceptions to the legality of commercial text messages:

  1. Transactional or relationship types of messages. Companies that have a relationship with you can send you things like statements or warranty information by text.
  2. Noncommercial messages. This includes political surveys or fundraising messages.

It is required that people be allowed to opt-out of receiving any commercial messages via text communication.

Ways that calls/text messages can come through:

SPAM text messages are really hard to control because they can come in from "spoofed" phone numbers. Basically, the ingenuity of technology has advanced much faster than law creation can keep up. Caller ID spoofing is a technology that allows phone number IDs to be altered to hide the actual origin ID.

Instead of a real company phone number, you may end up with texts that appear to be from:

  • A blocked caller ID
  • No caller ID
  • Unknown caller ID
  • Random phone numbers
  • Phone numbers from local area codes
  • Even your own phone number!

What's the point of SPAM calls/text messages?

Spambots are often hired out by companies. Mobile phone numbers of consumers are in high demand, and companies are willing to pay good money to get them. Web spiders or crawlers are capable of crawling across the internet and finding where phone numbers are published on websites, and they log those numbers in a database for use (they do this for email addresses too). Then they are loaded into an auto-text system to send texts messages to them. 

When you receive a SPAM call/text, the bot is looking for is a response. ANY RESPONSE. Then they have reached their first goal of finding a legitimate mobile number of a real person.

Point blank, SPAM calls/texts are designed to steal your information.

Other than taking your number to SPAM you, SPAM bots are literally designed to steal your information. They may seem to be discounts to cheap products, or free gifts, or mortgage or other financing offers. Engaging with SPAMbots to purchase products or give them any financial information is wildly unadvised. 

Engaging with SPAM calls/texts can install malware on your phone, which could lead to a complete privacy breach.

How can I stop receiving SPAM call/texts?

If it was a legitimate company that text messaged you, generally you could reply "STOP" to discontinue receiving text messages. Not the case with a SPAMbot. They only wanted to know if your number was real. By replying, "STOP," you've confirmed you are a real person and that you send and receive text messages on that phone number. 

If you'd like to add your number to the do not call registry here.

Caller ID spoofing is very difficult to track and reveal the crook behind the illegal call/text. Also, most of the illegal spammers are not in the US or Canada. They are somewhere where scammers do not care about our laws. 

If SPAM calls/texts happen to your Brivity Phone number FREQUENTLY or CONSISTENTLY, please reach out to support.

Depending on the identified incoming number, we can remove your Brivity Number from your account (if it is determined to be completely compromised) and allow you to choose a new number.

If SPAM messages are sent your actual personal mobile phone number, you'll need to reach out to your mobile carrier. They would likely take the above mentioned steps. 

Also, if you have an iPhone, and the texts are going to your mobile iPhone number, there's an additional setting on your phone that will help. 

Here are the steps you will see to block spam calls/texts on your Apple iPhone:

  1. Access “Messages”
  2. Tap on the message from the spammer
  3. Select “Details” under the (i) icon on the top right of the screen
  4. At the bottom of the screen, select “Block Caller”

Unfortunately, if the caller texted you from a fake spoofed number, blocking the number only means they may likely to do it again later on a different number. 

How can I keep my number from getting SPAM calls/text messages?

Unfortunately, if you're reading this, you're likely a real estate agent. Once, a guy I met began text messaging to ask me out. I was very confused and I asked, "How did you get my number?!" He said, "Honey, you're in real estate. Your number is all over the world wide web." 

It's true! Your number is likely all over the internet. That's how spammers get your number. Also, sometimes the person who had your phone number before you may have had spam calls/texts going to them. 

So what can you do? If you really want to stop SPAM calls/texts from happening do this:

  1. Google Search your phone number. Any site where your number shows, change it to a "work" number. 
  2. Check your social profiles. If your phone number or email address is public, you'll likely get SPAM to both of them.
  3. Get a new number. When you do, you can request a brand new never-used before phone number. Then you won't get collection calls from the last owner as well as it's unlikely you'll get SPAM calls/texts. 

Just keep in mind, there's no way to guarantee you won't ever get SPAM calls/texts even if you take all precautions. Just as it's possible for anyone to type a text message to any number from your phone, spammers may send messages to randomly created phone numbers as well. This information and the suggestions are just for your knowledge and best practice options.