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Prepare your Import

Importing contacts to your Brivity account will allow you to manage all of your contacts in one place, track your team’s communications, automate follow up, and more. You may want to watch the video on “Organizing your Brivity CRM” before importing.


Turn off Auto Plan Triggers

Before you start importing, please check your account Settings area to see if you have any Auto Plan triggers set that might cause an Auto Plan to start for your contacts. This is just a precaution, as new contacts should not trigger Auto Plans. However, if you re-import existing contacts and the import changes status or intent or source, that could trigger a plan to begin.

To prevent plans from triggering, click on your name in the upper right to select Settings. Find Auto Plans in the Cross bar. 

prepare import

There you should switch any Triggers to Off. 

prepare import 2

If you’re not sure what Auto Plans are, please check out the video called “Auto Plans 101" in the Training Videos.

Find the Brivity Example CSV File

It's helpful to know Brivity field names to organize your file before importing. For example, “Given Name” in one system would be “First Name” in Brivity. We have an example template that lists Brivity fields names.

To find it, click on your name in the upper right... drop down to Account…. Then select the Import tab. Click to download our “Sample CSV” which includes Brivity column headers and status options for import.

Prepare your file for editing

With all the different software programs available, it’s difficult to direct each user on how to edit their database file. You might use Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets. For simplicity of these support articles, upload your file to Google Sheets. Google Sheets is free and can be used on any computer. Find Google Sheets at Google.com/sheets.

Click to Start a New Spreadsheet.

In the new spreadsheet, click on File in the upper left.

Drop down to select Import.

Choose the file you will import from your computer.

Now you're ready to clean up your file with other Brivity tutorials using Google Sheets.