Post listings to Craigslist

Let's go over how we can make use of Craigslist to increase our Marketing potential!


First, open up the Marketing tab.

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Navigate to the listing you are creating a Craigslist post for. Select the Craigslist icon for that listing (the purple peace sign- note that you will only be able to post to Craigslist if it is a colored icon and not greyed out).

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Two things happen when you select the Craigslist icon; a plain-text advertisement of the listing is copied to your clipboard (you will not see the copy action occur) and your property's main image will download to your computer in your downloads folder.


Designate which city/area you are posting to. 


Select Housing Offered.


Select Real Estate - By Broker.


 Agree to Craigslist's guidelines.

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Fill out the required GREEN fields.


Add any additional details and then select continue. 

Upload the downloaded image for the property by selecting add image and selecting the property image from your downloads folder. 

Add images

Continue on and complete the advertisement and view the unpublished draft, select Publish to finalize the advertisement.

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Back in Brivity, check the Craigslist icon's checkbox to signify the post has been completed and alert your clients to its completion.

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