Brivity Number Sends as "Possible Spam"

Phone service providers are cracking down on Spammers, but this crackdown can also affect new or previously unknown numbers like your Brivity number. We'll give you some ideas to help.

Phone companies and email service providers are cracking-down on spammers so that people can receive better communications and wanted conversations via their systems.  Emails can gain a reputation for being spammy if you blast unwanted information out to people. They are increasingly being tracked and rated by systems for quality - so too are phone numbers (being monitored for quality). Here's an article on improving your email reputation.

Phone companies are following a similar path. This means that ordinary phone lines may be marked as "Possible Spam" when calling or texting out. When you set up a Brivity number, there's really no way to know what it's reputation was before the number got to you. Spammers will rotate through phone numbers, and it's possible you got one. However, even brand new numbers that have never been used have no reputation, and therefore can be labeled in the same way. You will need to help it develop a good reputation. 

Additionally, the number of sites online where you can report spam/harassing numbers is going up. Some of these websites are being taken seriously and recognized by phone providers and phone servers are noting and rating the quality of calls per user made. In the case of phone numbers there are ways of ranking when message quality is poor without listening in on calls. For example, the number of calls made per line per day and how long those calls last as well as *if* a voicemail is left (a lot of spammers don't leave voicemails) and *if* calls are returned.

Good news- there are things you can do to improve your phone number reputation! 

#1 - Don't be spammy

It may seem redundant in this article to say "don't be spammy", but it needs to be said. There are many businesses that want to blast messages out to all their contacts regularly. If you are one of those, we'd suggest using a system that is designed for that. Just google "mass texting" or "mass dialer" whatever it is that you want to do. Brivity was not designed for that sort of communication.

You should treat your Brivity phone number as if it is your office line - a dedicated line specifically for reaching out to customers and being reached by customers. Protect it and care for it so you don't get blocked or marked as spam, and you should have an easy life of being able to reach contacts. 

#2 - Add your Brivity number to your contact record on your phone 

You should do this particularly if you’re an iPhone user. Add your Brivity number to your iPhone contact record, so it’s identified yo other iPhone users with "Maybe: Ben Kinney". 

#3- Add your Brivity number to your business profiles online

Add your Brivity number to your Google contact record and all things Google - like your Google map business location. Add it to your Facebook business page. Add it to your email signature. Add it everywhere!

Basically, the more connections the world wide web it has to a real person, and the more you use your phone number appropriately, the faster its little reputation can be established!

#4- Register legitimate numbers and/or address incorrect labeling or call blocking with these carriers if your number is showing an incorrect Caller ID:


Sprint, Verizon, U.S. Cellular:

Comcast, Charter, Cox, Altice and other fixed line (VoIP) providers, email Nomorobo for call blocking services: