Network Solutions Domain Setup Instructions

There are a few steps involved in pointing your Network Solutions domain to your Brivity Valuations domain:

  1. Select the domain name that you want to manage and click Go
  2. In the green box, select Change Where Domain Points
  3. Select Advanced DNS, then Continue
  4. Edit the A Records by selecting Edit A Records.  For the @ none enter the following IP address:  Clear (delete) the records for the www and * (All others), then select Continue. ​
  5. Confirm changes. Please note that sometimes this takes a few moments to take effect. Continue to the next step while these changes update.
  6. Edit the Host Aliases (CNAME records) by selecting Edit CNAME Records
  7. Enter www in the Alias column.
  8. TTL doesn't matter, but in the Other Host text field, enter the following:


  1. Select Continue.
  2. Confirm changes.