Mass Update Agent Access

There are times that you must mass-assign agent access. You can do this to change the Primary Agent on a contact or simply to add another user to also have access (even though they are not the Primary Agent). This is often also used for giving a lender access to contacts while keeping the correct agent assigned. 

In a list, select the contacts and then click on actions and then Manage Access to mass assign

manage access3

There's also the option to Select All or All on Page in the upper-left of any contact list. 

Select All

Understanding the Manage Access Page.

Review this photo for the explanation below. 


Things to understand about the above picture:

  1. Of the 3 contacts selected
    • one is assigned to Ben as the Primary Agent
    • one is assigned to Izzy as Primary agent
    • one is assigned to Rodger.
  2. Admins are segmented up to the top of the screen because Admins have access to all contacts. 
  3. Rodger is only agent access, so he only has access to Some (1) of the contacts (which we can assume it is the contact for whom he's the Primary Agent).
  4. On the far left of the screen, you can assign all three contacts to one Primary Agent. 
  5. On the far right of the screen you can give an agent access to these leads even if they are not the Primary Agent. 

* You can currently only mass assign 50 contacts at a time.