Mass Apply Listing Alerts

Listing Alerts are the most important thing you can do to jumpstart buyer lead website activities.

Listing alerts help drive traffic back (and back and back again) too your website. If you don't have listing alerts applied, your contacts aren't likely to visit your website more than once, and you can't track their activity and property views.

When you have listing alerts applied, you'll be able to see the activities and interests of your leads. You can even sort contacts by those looking at [x] bedroom homes in [area] within [x-y] price range, and let them know about a new listing in that area!

To mass apply Listing Alerts

Find your contacts, select 50 at a time (per page) and set up the alert. Here's those steps below. 

Step 1: From the Leads Index, select [FILTER] in the upper right.


Step 2: Select

Intention: Buyer and Seller/Buyer

Listing Alerts: None Created 

Email: Has email 


Listing AlertsEMail

Step 3: Above all the contacts, click the option Select and choose All on Page.

All on page

Step 4: The mass-actions button will appear. Select Actions then Listing Alerts.


Step 5: Set up the alert criteria then Save & Send.


For multiple pages of contacts:

* This process can be done 50 contacts at a time. You may need to do this in multiple steps to set up all contacts in the list. 

1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Page 2 then repeat above steps.


2. Refresh the page. Since your filter is set to pull out contacts without listing alerts, refreshing should remove any with alerts applied. Then repeat above steps.