Mass Apply Auto Plans (or Mass Texting)

Did you know you could mass-apply Auto Plans or just to send a text or a series of text messages to a list of contacts?

Whether you're sending a single text message, a series of texts, or want to add a full auto Plan to several contacts at once, first you'll need to develop your Auto Plan Template. Second, you'll need to set a trigger based on a tag to kick off your plan.

*Auto Plans can only be created by Admin Access Accounts

First - Make your Plan

Step 1: Find Auto Plans in your Settings (or click here). Click Add Plan on the right.

Add Plan

Step 2: Name the Plan and click Next.


Step 3: Start building out the plan steps by adding a Text.


Step 4: Here are the options if you choose to add a Text.

*Notice below the text delivers in relation to a custom date


After your text(s) are set up in plan, you'll need to set a trigger to make it fire on your list of contacts. We'll b using a Tag to accomplish this. Do NOT add the tag to the contacts yet. 

Step 5: In your Settings area click on Tags (or click here).


Step 6: Create a Tag for the plan to fire. Click the [+] sign to add your tag. 


Step 7: Go back to the Auto Plans area of Settings (or click here). Click Add Trigger


Step 8: Choose the Auto Plan, then choose the Settings that will trigger the plan. In this case, the Trigger is the Tag of "Charity Drive."


Now your Text Auto Plan is ready and the Trigger is set! Simply adding the tag to any contact record will cause the plan to apply to your contacts. 

Next you may want to learn about Using Custom Tags, or Mass Applying Tags, or how to Filter Contacts by a Tag


*Note: Auto Plans will not trigger to contacts that currently have an auto plan. You can still manually apply them.