Mass Assign Tags

To help make the process of tagging your database as easy as possible, Brivity allows you to assign tags to multiple contacts in one click of a button.

From your people tab select multiple contacts on the left side of the screen. Then click on actions and choose tag from the drop down.


Mass add tag


Choose a custom tag for all contacts selected and Save.



*Note: Hover over your tag icon on the right side of the screen to easily see what tag is applied to each contact.

 Pro Tip: When creating tags for your business be sure to use easy titles that apply to your business. Examples of tags to use: A+, A, B, and C, is a great way to use a grading system on your contacts! "Buyer 2016" and "Seller 2017" are useful for active and past clients. Neighborhood names, work best when farming and circle prospect leads. You can also have tags for: website leads, friends, family, investors, FSBOs, Buyers in a specific price range, etc.