Lead Routing

Set up Lead Routing rules to ensure leads are distributed to your agents based on your business rules.

What is Lead Routing?   


All automations of your account can be found/changed in Settings.

Step 1: In your Brivity CRM, find Settings and click on the tab for Lead Routing


Step 2: Click on the Default rule to open its settings. 


Step 3: For a simple round-robin setting, simply add users to this default rule.

When users are added to the Default rule, the account owner can be deleted from the rule. 

Add user-1

Step 4: For more defining rules, click [+] Create Rule and name the rule.


Step 5: Click on the name of the rule to see options for adding criteria and users.

click name

Step 6: Click Add Criteria, select and add your criteria one at a time.

For example, if you want to set multiple criteria like postal codes, add one then close the modal and add the next after. 

You can distribute leads based on these options: 


*County option only works with your Brivity website. Most sources don't send County.
**Tag is a Brivity Platform only feature. You can build tags into website forms.

Step 7: Click Add Users one at a time. 


Optional Weighted Round Robin: Set users to get more or less leads per round