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Join Brivity Masterminds Group on Facebook

How to Join the Private Brivity Mastermind Group

The Brivity Mastermind Group is a private Facebook group that is open only to Brivity Platform clients and their team members. We do not allow outside agents or 3rd party vendors into the group due to the high level of coaching offered within the group by Brivity staff and our clients.

Transparency. Tips & Tricks. Best Practices. Sneak Peaks. Scripts. These are just some of the benefits members enjoy in Brivity Masterminds, the exclusive Facebook group created for Brivity customers.

  • Masterminds talk tips, scripts, tricks and more to help each other succeed in your business and with Brivity
  • Masterminds help answer your questions
  • Masterminds brainstorm and collaborate to help you develop better tools & systems to build your business
  • Masterminds talk to Brivity leaders

Brivity's leaders are in the group daily, including Brivity founder, Ben Kinney as well as Brivity's executives and support teams. We want to get to know our customers and create a life long partnership.


Mastermind Best Practices:

  • This is NOT a support group. Please submit all support requests or issues to support@brivity.com.  Agents may invite team members (in the right-hand column of the Facebook page), Brivity Admin will approve anyone invited by one of our Platform clients, assuming they are on client list.
  • The Brivity Mastermind Group should not be used for support requests. Please email all support requests to support@brivity.com.
  • To ensure your requests/comments are not overlooked, please do not contact Brivity staff using FB Messenger. These requests are often overlooked.
  • For a timely response to queries or questions, please send all correspondence to support@brivity.com.