HomeLight Leads Connection

Send HomeLight leads to Brivity for lead distribution, follow-up, automation, Listing Alerts, and Market Reports in one place.

To set up OpCity leads to flow to Brivity, you'll need to be logged into your OpCity account and Brivity.

Step 1: First, you'll need your Brivity Lead Capture Email.

Click on your name in the upper right of Brivty and go to Account, then click on Lead Routing. Copy the lead email you want to use.

Lead Parsing

Step 2: Login to OpCity. Here's a quick link to login to OpCity

Step 3: Click on the person icon in the upper right and go to Profile (here's a quick link to your profile).


Step 4: Click EDIT at the top. 


Step 5: Paste your Brivity Lead Capture Email into the field named Alt. Email (it's at the bottom). 

Alt. Email