Following up with your Contacts

Brivity CRM is the one system to follow up with your leads and clients to stay at the top of mind.


From the left sidebar, select Leads, then click on person's name. Look over their information and add any additional information you have for them. Note any property requests. What was the source? Did they request info for a property? 

Pro Tip: We'd suggest you follow up on new leads first, as those are generally most time sensitive.


 Log a Call by selecting the Phone icon. 

Add the date and time of the call and notes on what the conversation was about. You'll see that the visibility is set to Hidden—that's because people who are not users on the account can never see any notes you add to their Person. Click Save to save a record of your call and to close the modal.

 Send and log Emails to your leads and clients by clicking on the envelope icon.

The email will not look like it's coming from Brivity, but will appear from the same email you use to log in to Brivity or the Gmail address you have synced with your Brivity account. Fill out the Subject and body of the Email, style it using the editor, and insert placeholders (or Select an email template you've created from the dropdown). If you are using placeholders, make sure they are filled out on that person's page and in your account before sending, then click Save & Send.


 Log an appointment you've had, click on the Appointment icon.

Add today's date and we will automatically pull today's time, but you can adjust it. The Visibility is always set to Hidden because we don't share notes with the people you make them on. You can add a Location and Notes about what you discussed and what the outcome of your meeting was. Click Save to save the record and close the modal.

 Add comments and notes to your persons details by going in the Notes tab, select Create New Note. Record the Note Details in the available field. The visibility of the note will default to "Hidden From Viewers" and will not be shown on the person's timeline, click Save when you have finished your note.

 Next, learn how to set up listing alerts.