Connect Facebook Lead Ads & Brivity

Don't miss a single Facebook Lead! Use Zapier to send leads to Brivity so Auto Plans can manage your incoming Facebook Lead Ads automagically!

When creating Facebook Lead Ads (either through Facebook or KW Command), you can connect them directly to Brivity. This set up will allow you to connect leads direct to one agent in Brivity, or use Brivity Lead Routing to route leads via round-robin. Lastly, you can either send all Facebook leads to Brivity with one Zap, or add a Zap with a tag to send every campaign to Brivity and allow a different auto plan to apply. 

Step 1: CLICK THIS LINK to start your Zap. Most of the information and connection has been preset for you. 

Step 2: Follow the prompts to confirm your Facebook and your Brivity account. You'll follow prompts to fully set up this connection. At any point that Zapier offers to test the connection, do so to confirm it works. 

If you need to segment your ad campaign leads, move forward. Otherwise, you are done as long as your Zap is turned 'on'! Leads will deliver from now on as they arrive. In other words, if you have old Facebook Leads, they will not show up in your account, only new ones.

Step 3 (Optional- Segment different ad campaigns):   This Zap was set to allow ALL Facebook leads to shoot to Brivity regardless of your Ad Campaign. The Campaign title in Facebook will show in the Brivity Contact Description area.

To segment different Facebooks ad campaigns send to Brivity (thereby you can add a different tag per campaign to route to a different group of agents or trigger campaign-specific Auto Plans) then you'll want to edit the Settings. 

Under 1. New Lead - to find and select the section for Customize Lead - and under Form choose the name of the campaign you want to connect. 


Step 4 (Optional- Add Tags): Go under 2. Create Lead in Brivity - to find and select the section for Customize Lead - and at the very bottom of the form you can Add Tags for this campaign. 

The only Tag options have to be a field coming from Facebook, so your only options are 1. the Ad Name or 2. the Ad ID, or 3. the Campaign Name. Any of these should be unique to each campaign, so any of those 3 choices would work. 

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