Export Contacts from Follow Up Boss

Exporting Contacts


This feature is only available to account owners by default. Account owners can grant or revoke this feature to their users from the Admin > Team page.

Exporting contacts is simple. Go to any list of people, select who you want to export (or all), and click the arrow icon, as seen below:


Please note that if you have more than one page of contacts in your list, it only selects the contacts visible on the screen by default. To export an entire list please click "Select all people" link and then Export.


Exported columns


The following data can be exported for each person:

Date Added  Email 1  Property Address  Message
Name Email 1 - Type  Property City  Description
First Name  Phone 1  Property State  Notes
Last Name  Phone 1 - Type Property Postal Code  Background
Stage Address 1 - Street  Property MLS Number  Campaign Source 
Lead Source  Address 1 - City  Property Price  Campaign Medium
Assigned To  Address 1 - State  Property Beds  Campaign Term
Is Contacted  Address 1 - Zip  Property Baths  Campaign Content
Listing Price  Address 1 - Country Property Area  Campaign Name
Tags Address 1 - Type  Property Lot