Disable Chrome Extensions

When you can't see the training or walk-thrus in your account, here's some helpful steps to troubleshoot.

In your account, there are helpful guides and tutorials that will walk you through the Brivity CRM.  Find them by clicking on the (?) icons in the upper-right of your account. 

Search Courses

If the courses won't open for you, that's because something is blocking them. These are over-laid on top of the original application. Meaning- if you have 3rd party blockers enabled, they may not show. Also, some extensions can also affect the guides. 

We suggest that you disable all extensions running on your Chrome browser. Then you can turn on the important ones one at a time to see which is causing the issue. 

Step 1: Click on the 3 dots in the upper right of your Chrome Browser. 


Step 2: Drop down and select More Tools then select Extensions


Step 3: Flip the switch on every extension to disable it.

*Once you are able to see the guide icons, you can turn each one back on one at a time, and try to find which might be causing the problem. 

Chrome Ext

Step 4: You may be able to see the icons now- so go check! If you don't, we'd suggest restarting your computer for a hard refresh.  

Step 5: If all steps have been completed and you don't see the courses, please clear your cache and restart your computer again.