Delete, Complete, Reassign and Update Multiple Tasks at Once

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You can use the Multi-Select feature on both the Task index pages and the Tasks Tab of the workflow on a Person or a Transaction to mark tasks as complete, delete tasks, postpone the due date, or reassign the tasks to another team member.

From either of these places, Click the check box in the heading of the list of tasks to select all of the tasks on that page, or select (none) individual boxes next to the tasks you wish to manipulate. The boxes that are checked are the ones your action will apply to.

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The multi-function buttons will appear in the Context Bar on the Tasks indexes, or right below the Header of the content in the Workflow Section after you have selected more than one task.

To Delete numerous tasks at a time:
Click the Delete Button in the Context Bar (after selecting the tasks you wish to remove).

A confirmation message will appear; click Yes. Delete to permanently remove the tasks from your system and close the modal.

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To mark numerous Tasks as Complete:
Simply click the Complete button in the Context Bar (after selecting the tasks you want) they will be marked complete and moved to the Completed Tasks area.

To Reassign numerous Tasks to a different Team member:
Select the tasks you want, then click the Reassign button in the Context Bar. 

Select the person who should be responsible for these tasks from the dropdown menu in the modal that appears, and click Reassign to finish and close the modal.

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To Postpone or change the due date of numerous Tasks
Select multiple tasks, then click the Postpone button in the Context bar.

Select a new Due date from the modal and click Reschedule to finish and close the modal.

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