Default Smart Filters

To help simplify working your database with intention, we've added 12 default Smart Filters to every Brivity platform account!

They are:
  1. Buyers with email and no Listing Alert
  2. Has Market Report, no task, no outreach in 30 days
  3. Hot leads (expect buy or sell in 3 months)
  4. LAST 30 DAYS: site visit last 30 days, no task/no contact by agent last 30 days
  5. No Auto Plan
  6. No Market Report: contacts with email and address
  7. Overdue tasks
  8. Partial leads
  9. Past clients, no task, no outreach for 30 days
  10. THIS WEEK: site visit this week with no task and no contact by agent
  11. TODAY: site visit today with no task and no contact by agent
  12. Watch/Nurture, no task, no contact for 30 days

    They are currently the first 12 Smart Filters in your CRM, any added by your team will by in alphabetical order below

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