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Customize Roles on Transactions

'Role' refers to the role a person plays in a Transaction (usually the title given to someone based on his/her responsibilities). You can update the Roles in your transactions to meet your team's needs.

To update your Roles, click upper right and select Settings. Find Roles on the cross-bar. 


Add Roles for Teammates, Collaborators, or Clients.

Step 1: Click to Add New [x] Role. A pop-up will open for you to name the Role.


When you add or edit a Team Role, you can set a default user for the role and decide if you'd like to include that user by default on Listing or Buyer Pending transactions.

Then, when you create a new transaction, those users will be automatically added!

With the release of Transaction Auto Plans (coming soon!), you'll be able to assign a task or send an email from a Team Role.