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Cleaning up your Database

Before you import your file, start by performing a general "Cleaning" of your CSV file.


Clean up your import

We’ve all heard the phrase, “You are what you eat.” That’s possibly even more true for your business database. Food is fuel for your body; your database is fuel for your business. Before importing your database, take a few minutes to sort and clean it up.

  • Delete any empty columns that only have a header. They will create unwanted custom fields in your contact records in Brivity even if the rows in that column are empty.
  • Remove any columns that don’t make sense to you. Look at the name on the column header and the details in the rows below. Would that information be helpful to your agents? If not, delete it. There’s no need to add trash to your database.
    • If it is helpful information, consider renaming the column header to make it match a Brivity field name or create a custom field name that makes sense to your team.
  • Delete columns that are not useful or won’t be useful in 3 months.
    • Custom fields like “Last Agent Contact Date” is useful. However, as your agents update contacts with emails, calls, texts, and tasks, this field won’t instantly reflect those updates. Eventually this field will be irrelevant or even confusing. We’d suggest removing it.