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Make & Track Calls with Brivity Numbers

Make and track calls and conversions with Brivity phone numbers for easier conversions.

Call from a list of contacts

Call from within a contact record

Call Out of Brivity

When you see the teal phone icon in Brivity, click to open a call log window. Clicking on the phone icon in the call-log window will click to call. See video gif below.  Phone (2)

But what happens? Brivity is going to ring your phone first. Pick it up! Then we'll connect you to your contact and track the time of the call. 

Click_to_call (2)


Call from the Brivity Go App

Calling from the Brivity Go app is easy! Just hit the teal phone icon, and it will begin calling the contact! 

Phone (1)


What number does my contact see when I call/text? 

If you call your contacts through Brivity, they will see your Brivity number.

Brivity can't control or track your actual phone line that is provided through your phone's service provider. That's why it's important to set up a number so that we can make, track, and control calls for your team's reporting. 


If someone calls my Brivity number, what happens?

It instantly rings your normal phone! Consider your Brivity number to just be your direct office line that forwards to your actual phone. 


Can the Brivity GO App allow me to respond directly to text messages or call using the Brivity number from my phone?

Yes! The Brivity GO App is now in the App Store for Andriod and iPhone. Call or text directly out of the Brivity GO app for all communications to be recorded.