Call activity report - Admins

Track the number of calls made per agent. Another way to help you “inspect what you expect” for your team!

Account Admins users have a detailed overview of call activity in their CRM, including Total Leads assigned within a date range, how many have been called, plus new reporting on total calls made (with a breakdown of “Manual” logged calls or “Dialer” calls made within Brivity) and total call time. 

Yet another way to help you “inspect what you expect” for your team!

The Calls Report shows all calls for all contacts regardless of the agent assignment- making it easy to track Agent calls as well as Admin and ISA calls. Take a tour of it here.

Find Call Reporting: Hover on the left navigation icons and click on Reporting, then Calls

Find Reporting

Here's a diagram of how to read the page:

Call Reporting Map

First, set the date range of interest on the far right, then read the chart.

From left to right, these are what each column represents:

Total Leads- the total contacts assigned within the Date Range selected (not necessarily "Leads" as they could be sphere or other).

Leads Called- of new contacts assigned in the Date Range selected, this is how many were called.

Manual- If agents didn't use Brivity's phone system to call, but manually reported a call to the CRM, this reflects the number of manual calls reported.

Dialer- If a teammate used Brivity's single line dialer to quickly call multiple contacts back-to-back, this is how many contacts were called.

Total Calls- This is the total number of all calls made in the CRM within the Date Range selected (regardless of new leads/contacts assigned in that time frame).

Total Time- This is the total time a teammate spent on calls within the Date Range selected.