Brivity Platform Jumpstart Checklist

There's a lot to do in Brivity! After your CRM account is set up with email connection, email signature, and Brivity Phone numbers, then you can electrify your database with these few steps.

First of all, if you don't have your leads flowing from all lead sources to Brivity, the CRM can be a mute toy (literally). 


Step 1: Import your contacts

(if you've already done this, you're on your way!)

*Contact us to do your import for you! Email your files to our


Step 2: Setup Lead Source Integrations

Step 3: Go through Brivity Interactive Courses

We offer interactive courses that will react differently for every user based on your access and needs. Click on the blue scholar’s hat in the upper right of your account.

You’ll want to have every user of your team take these courses:


Hat and Q (1)


Step 4: Setup automations to engage your database

Setup Auto Plan Triggers for incoming leads (click here to learn how):

  • Brivity IDX Leads
  • All other incoming lead sources

HOMEWORK- here's the good stuff!! 


Step 5: Setup automated reports for these contacts

DAILY- Do what we call "Working with Intent"


Step 6: Use these steps daily to make call lists to the right contacts

"When's the next time I should reach out to [X-person]?"