Brivity Marketer Dashboard

Your Brivity Marketer dashboard automatically generates campaigns for your Just Listed and Just Sold properties from a live MLS feed in real-time!

Recipients: Brivity Marketer tries to find as many relevant recipients as possible to meet the expected number of postcards sent. However, that isn’t possible 100% of the time (location is a bit remote or not enough properties that our system thinks would be valuable to send to). We'll try to hit your target number, but sometimes it might be below the minimum.

Cost: The Brivity Marketer system calculates the cost of a campaign by multiplying $0.59/card by the number of cards sent in a Campaign.
We also keep track of undeliverable postcards and we will deduct the cost of the undeliverable cards from your next order!

Status: On the Dashboard, you'll see the current status of each postcard.

*For excluded postcards, the location might have been too remote to create a campaign for (not enough properties to send postcards to), or there was something wrong with the listing data (missing images, missing address etc.)

Review & Send: Finalize Campaign Details and schedule the card to be sent.