Ben Kinney's 66-Touch Auto Plan

33-Touch? Think 66-Touch! A 66 touch auto plan can be a great way for you to keep in contact with your sphere.

Step 1: You can easily create a 66-touch auto plan by going to Auto Plans under Settings.

Click on settings

Step 2: Click on Add Plan under the People auto plans.Click on add plan 
Step 3: Now it's time to build out the plan!

Here are the steps you will need to set up:

  1. One phone call per month = 12/year 
  2. Send out one mailer a month = 12/year 
  3. One personal social media touch example comment on a status = 12/year 
  4. Market report set to deliver bi-weekly = 26/year 
  5. Quarterly event invitations or face-to-face meetings = 4/year 

There you have it - a 66 touch Auto Plan! 

For the 1x/month calls, you can rotate through these ideas for making your calls to Sphere.

  • Call to ask
      • How are you (and your family)? 
      • Do you have any real estate upcoming related needs?
      • Do you know anyone who may be looking to buy, sell or invest?
  • Ask what they think of their Market Report and how their neighborhood has been trending. 
  • Ben’s team chooses a charity per month to support. Call to invite them help. Tell them about the charity and share Open House locations where people can drop off donations. Or offer to pick up donations.

Charitable ideas:

    • Food Bank
    • Canned/dry goods drive 
    • Homeless Shelters coat drive 
    • Homeless Shelters toiletries drive
    • Sock drive/Undergarments drive
    • Toy Drive 
    • Krispy Kreme donut sale fundraiser for a cause 
    • Animal shelters & local rescue groups (bags of dog food or supplies) 
    • Help a local family in need 
    • Book drives for kiddos
    • Local Hospital drive


For more information on People Auto Plans, click here.