Auto Plan Dashboard

Auto Plans are dynamic to your People and Transactions. Keep them running smoothly by monitoring your Dashboard.

Did you know Auto Plans may stop running if you're missing a contact phone number, email address, role in a transaction, or date/time being referenced in the plan?

The Auto Plan Dashboard is crucial to keeping your business flowing! With the Auto Plans Dashboards, Admins can see at-a-glance what Is missing in your entire CRM in order to keep plans flowing and your transactions/follow ups on target! 

Step 1: Find Dashboard on your left navigation menu, then click Auto Plans

Step 2: Select any error to resolve the issue - written in red to highlight it. This will open the contact record or open the transaction in a new tab to resolve the matter. 

New Tab

Step 3: Find the error and resolve the problem.

There's a multitude of errors that could happen. It's best to take the error message and find what's wrong and resolve it. 

The error in Step 2 was "Failed to send text," so we want to find why a text couldn't be sent. When the contact record opens, check the phone number in the contact record to see if there might be a problem with it.

See below. If the phone number is bad or missing, then a text message cannot be sent. 

Click Edit Details, update the phone number, and Save

Step 4: Remove the error- follow steps for either a. or b. situations

a. For contact information errors-  To remove the error, click on the name of the Auto Plan in the contact record. When the preview opens, select the error step, and click Delete, Mark as Complete, or Send Now

Send Now

b. For task failures or steps contingent to follow an errored action-

Sometimes a plan is held up and cannot continue because of an error (particularly a missing date/time error).

Once the error has been corrected, you'll want to pause the plan and restart it.

  1. Pause the plan
  2. Refresh your screen (just to be sure it's adjusted to the newly added information)
  3. Restart the plan.