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Admin Access vs. Agent Access

When running teams of real estate agents, some users will need to see more access than others in their CRM to effectively help, support, and run their team. As users are added to a CRM, there will be a choice to assign them one of two access levels.

Admin Access

Admin Access (short for administrative access) is essentially allowed to see everything in the CRM. This access will see:

  • all contacts
  • all transactions
  • all projects
  • all tasks
  • all calendar dates related to transactions

Admin functions that Agent Access cannot access:

Agent Access 

Agent Access is a sub-level access that will only see things that pertain to them. This access will see:

The Owner's Account

Owner Access to accounts is not often referenced since it is essentially the same as Admin Access. The accounts are identical, but if a critical change to accounts is requested, it is imperative that we get permission of the Account Owner.

One page that is only visible by the Account Owner

Lastly, there is one page in a CRM that is only visibly to an Account Owner and not visible to any admin. This page holds information like the time zone for functionality of the account, the ability to update a billing update, and business information for the team.