Add GoDaddy Domain to Valuation Site

Adding Domains to My Account: GoDaddy You can set up several domains in your Brivity Valuations account for different kinds of valuation pages.

 Step 1: From the upper-right dropdown of your GoDaddy, go to My Products


Step 2: Find the Domain you want to change. Click to update the DNS settings.


Step 3: Look for the line for "CNAME - www"

Click to edit the record.

edit record

Step 4: Copy/paste in and Save. (No other settings need to change).


Step 5: Then scroll to the bottom of that DNS Settings page-> Find Forwarding.

FORWARD TO: (be sure you add "www" before your url)


You're all set to add this domain to your Brivity site!

Step 6: Open your BrivityValuations account. Click your name in the upper-right to select Domains.


Step 7: Click Add Domain and type in your new domain name, and Create Domain.

Add domain (1)



If you feel you're stuck at any step or need help, please reach out to, chat in with us, or call 855-427-4848.