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Add Community/City Info Pages to Brivity Websites

Stand out in your community as the expert by showcasing the housing trends and data that could affect the next home sale or purchase.

Make your Brivity website the obvious choice when you enhance it with community/city/neighborhood pages. Not to mention, it can help boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to have constantly updated data about the area data and trends.

Here's the page we added in the webinar below. 


Step 1: Login to your website builder from the "Admin Login" link at the bottom of your website (only the owner of a Brivity website has an access).

Admin Login

Step 2: Click on the left-side edit pencil to edit your website .


Step 3: Find and duplicate a current page that you know has a header and footer - like the Buy/Sell or Buying/Selling page. 

Every website is custom, so your header and footer may have custom coding. You'll want this new page to look similar to the rest of your website, so it's best to duplicate a page that you know has a header and a footer that matches your brand, then remove the other contents in the next step. 


Step 4: Delete all blocks except the Header and the Footer. 

Delete blocks

Step 5: Open the left-side block library, and drag over all three of the Neighborhood blocks

Drag block

Step 6: Click the Radio Button in the upper left for Details


Step 7: Double click on the first of the 3 blocks to edit/add community data.

Details edits

Step 8: Double click on the second of the 3 blocks to edit/add community data.

Block 2

Step 9: Double click on the third of the 3 blocks to edit/add community data.

Block 3

Step 10: Click on Blocks in the upper left, then Save & Publish on the right.

Save & Publish