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Add Clients/Collaborators to view transactions

When Buyers and Sellers choose you as their real estate agent, they are in for an experience above and beyond the typical agent! You can give them their very own Client Portal! Also, if you choose to invite a Collaborator to a transaction, they will have the same view


From the client or collaborator portal, your buyers, sellers and collaborator stay updated on all the things you do for the fees you charge.

*Visibility in Brivity only relates to Transactions. Clients or collaborators are never able to see anything added to their contact record. 


                                                Inviting a Client or Collaborator

When you create a transaction, you'll see the ability to Add Client or Add Collaborator in the upper-right of the Edit Details Page.


As you add a client to their Transaction, choose to give them Access or not using the checkbox below:

Add Client


                                                 The Client/Collaborator Email Invitation

The client will instantly receive an email with instructions to log in to their Client/Collaborator Portal to view their transaction. 


When they his ACCESS YOUR TRANSACTION, they will be taken to a page to set their password. Their login is their email and their password is set through this welcome email. If you need to resend this email, click here.

PasswordFor subsequent logins, clients will login @ Brivity.com- just like you do! 

To login, they will use their email address and the password they made. 

their email

 The Client/Collaborator Portal

Below is what a client would see inside their portal when logged into Brivity. It looks very similar to your own view of Brivity with Timeline, Tasks, Advertising, Showing Feedback, Notes, Details, and Documents.

**clients only see tasks/notes you've chosen to be visible to them using "Visible by Viewers"



                                                Daily Client/Collaborator Update Emails

Once per day, in the morning, your client will receive an email with all the tasks you've accomplished for them the prior day. This email also provides a link to log back into their client portal. 

If there are any days that you do not accomplish any tasks for someone, the client will not receive an email the next morning. You can update/change the frequency of when updates are emailed to your viewers.