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Add Agents to Lead Distribution

Add buyer agents in Lead Distribution to automate distribution of leads. If your agents list and sell, feel free to add them to both sections.

Step 1: Open the Lead Distribution section of your Kwkly account (or click here). 

Step 2: Add an agent's name and cell phone number on the left and Save

Add Buyer Agent

Step 3: Distribution Settings

When you scroll down on the Lead Distribution page, you'll find LEAD INSTRUCTION on the left. There are two options to send leads to buyer agents. 

Option 1- Shark Tank

Blast leads out to 'x' agents at once (like a shotgun blast) with 0 seconds delay. This will send a lead alert to several agents at once. The winning agent will have to text Y to claim the lead & receive the lead's phone number.
Lead Instructions would be:
X agents to receive the lead 
"0" seconds delay

Option 2- Round Robin

Send each lead to one agent at a time with a delay of 'y' seconds. If a lead is not claimed in the allotted time, the lead will alert the next agent after 'y' seconds. If a lead is not claimed in the allotted time, an alert be offered to the next agent. 
Lead Instructions would be:
1 agent to receive the lead 
Y seconds delay
*Tip: 300 seconds is 5 minutes
Round Robin