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Add a video to my website

You can make a button that will click to redirect people to a different page on your website or pop open a different webpage.

*Before you get started, the video you want to use needs to be uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube. 

Step 1: In your Brivity Website Builder, click Edit Site on the left. 


Edit Site (1)


Step 2: Click the page icon on the left of your screen and select the desired page. 


Click Page Icon


Step 3: Click to navigate to the Block Library on the left of your account. 


Block Library


Step 4: Select a video block on the left. Drag and drop it to the desired place on your page.


Drag n drop block


Step 5: Find the video on Vimeo or YouTube. Copy the numbers and/or letters after .com/


Save Video Code


Step 6: Change the EDIT setting at the top of your builder to Details.  


Edit Details


Step 7: Click on the video to see a menu pop-open from the left.


Click on the video


Step 9: Paste the video code into the appropriate spot. 




Step 10: Don't forget to Save and Publish your website from the upper right of your account.


S n P