7 things to do daily in your Brivity CRM




If you want to succeed in real estate, you need to work with intention every day!
We’ve found seven daily activities that you can complete to ensure you start every day the most effective way you can. And each task takes less than 5 minutes to complete!

Activity #1 Open your Leads index to view All Leads and follow up with leads marked as NEW. You’re on a timer to get back with those leads ASAP before you lose the opportunity!

Activity #2 Filter your contacts by the status of HOT to make appointments! 
These are your leads who have made the decision to buy or sell quickly.

Activity #3 Filter your contacts by Listing Alerts: None Created to make sure you have all Listing Alerts applied to ALL of your buyers.

Activity #4 Filter your contacts by Market Reports: None Created and create Market Reports for any new seller leads. 

Activity #5 Filter any contacts that have most recently been on your website.

Activity #6 Check in with at least 10 of your Past Clients daily. It’s important to keep those connections even if people aren’t actively in the market to buy or sell.

Activity #7 Click the Tasks tab on the sidebar to check which tasks are due today, your upcoming tasks or, see what tasks have been missed.