10 Valuation Site Ideas

10 Valuation Site Ideas Set up multiple valuation sites to target leads more effectively and generate more seller leads.

Step 1: Identify your Audience.

Brivity valuation sites are customizable to make it easy to target the different groups you market to on a regular basis. Common audiences include:


Pro Tip: Partnering with a lender allows for the ability to co-market

Step 2: Choose a custom domain name.

Domain names need to be easy to read, spell and advertise. Keep them simple and recognizable so you can easily add them to marketing pieces. Make them easy to say, repeat and remember. Some suggestions include:

*Note: Using a .com, .net or .co domain name can be interchangeable with the same success rate, so don't get stuck on just .com

Step 3: Select a Background Photo.

Photos should reflect the area where you sell. A photo of a home, neighborhood, landscape, landmark, park, cityscape, team photo are some easy suggestions.

*Note: When using custom photos be sure you have permission to use the photo before posting it on your site for marketing.

Pro Tip: Photos can be found for free on Google Images with the correct permission filters, can be purchased from sites such as flickr or you can hire a local photographer to photograph local landmarks to use on your valuation sites and marketing.

Step 4: Write a Customized Title and Subtitle.

The message you display on your site should be specific to the audience you are marketing to, but should also inform the lead of what service you are providing. A List of Title and subtitles suggestions:

Pro Tip: Customizing your button names for each valuation page has proven to be very successful so get creative; don't be afraid to say "continue", "almost done", "Step 1 of 2", or even "Go Seahawks!" to encourage your leads to fill in the form and submit the information.

Step 5: Market your Site.

Drive traffic to your site through different marketing efforts. Add your valuation site domain name to newsletters, postcards, front yard flyers, door knocking flyers, door hangers, sign riders, letters, note cards, email signatures, call scripts and much more!

*Note: Brivity will set up your first valuation site for you to start marketing today! There are an additional 9 valuation sites available to you to target your marketing and branding.